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 Chinese investor to build 500MW coal-fired power plant in Romania  [2012-7-27]

The Romanian government has picked China Huadian Engineering Co. to build a 500MW coal-fired power plant in partnership with state-owned Rovinari mining/power generation company (CEN Rovinari), the economy ministry said in a statement. The investment is estimated at EUR 1bn. It would support the construction of the first coal-fired power plant after the fall of the communism in 1989. Enel and E.ON also consider building an 800MW coal-fired plant in Romania's Braila. The 500MW unit at Rovinari will replace outdated generation capacities for which technical upgrade to the current environmental standards would be too costly. The new unit would burn lignite extracted regionally by CEN Rovinari. As we reported, CEN Rovinari merged with two other similar complexes and with mining company SNLO to form the Oltenia power company [to be privatised soon]. CEN Rovinari will contribute land and other fixed assets to the 500MW plant, while the Chinese investor would get a majority stake in a joint venture, according to the investment strategy. The other bidder for the joint-venture was Japan's Marubeni.  (Edited by For more information, please email to:

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